close up of ice in the core chamber and three jugs filled with beer

3 x 51oz beer chambers

Choose 3 different (or 3 of the same) beers or mix with some ciders or RTD's. Which every way you spin it, you get to try and enjoy something different.

Each section can be changed or refilled as needed and try something different all from the comfort of your table.

close-up of hand pulling tap and pouring beer from blue team keg

Authentic beer taps

Unlike a beer tube, these taps are real, stainless and FDA approved beer taps.

Be your own bartender by testing you pouring skills and ask us about a custom handle design too as they are now available.

Perfect pour, perfect head and a perfect taste!

close-up of scoop dropping ice into centre core of team keg

Centre ice core air lock

The ice core was designed to create a unique air lock between the beer and the ice core itself. Keeping beer cold is effortless and easy to maintain with easy access.

Beer quality was at the centre of the design process and the temperature was just as important.

close-up removing jug with tap from team keg

Dishwasher friendly

All parts are FDA approved and the best bit is they are machine washable. Quality parts make the service and appearance last the time in trade and cleaning is easy and effortless.

All parts are replaceable and always available so you can rest assured your Team Kegs keep on working.

bat tender filling up team keg jug at tap

Reduces wait time at the bar

This one is super important with staffing shortages across the globe. The Team Keg reduces the wait time at the bar AND it also relives the pressure on the bar staff pouring repeat small glass serves.

Fill it and let your customers enjoy watching the game instead of standing in lines all night.

young professional woman enjoying glass of beer from green team keg

Keeps people engaged

We have so many positive comments coming in explaining how the Team Keg experience made a social setting a super fun night.

The Team Keg encourgaes sharing, trial and interaction. It keeps people engaged in a true social setting and that's a postive experince!

“Best device we’ve seen come to market in years. It keeps our customers coming back for more!”

Jeff – Bells Beach Brewery

We work with some of the biggest global brands to provide an exceptional customer experience.

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